I want to thank you for exploring Riverdale Baptist School via our website. I cannot express to you the pleasure I have to serve as the Administrator here and as a proud parent of two elementary students. Riverdale has produced outstanding students for over 40 years and, with the Lord’s hand over this school, the tradition of excellence will continue. I am a proud 1990 graduate of Riverdale. My parents made a commitment to the school when I was in kindergarten and it continued all the way to graduation. My wife, brother, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law all graduated from Riverdale Baptist School. There were so many opportunities for postgraduate success while I was here as a student, and I am pleased to announce that there are even more now. Riverdale Baptist School exists for the purpose of providing the opportunity for our students to develop a personal relationship with the Lord and to receive a Christ-centered, biblically based education. From our weekly chapels and rigorous instruction to competitive athletics, we hope you find that Riverdale has what you are looking for in a quality Christian education.

Mr. Eric Harrison
Administrator, Riverdale Baptist School