But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

The Pre-School Program at Riverdale Baptist School consists of Developmental Pre-Kindergarten (DPK) for children who are 3 years old before September 1, and Pre-Kindergarten (PK) for children who are 4 years old before September 1. Readiness testing is required for all pre-school applicants.

  • The RBS program is structured in a way that emphasizes readiness and a hands-on approach to academic subjects.
  • Christian values are taught daily.
  • Caring Christian teachers provide a friendly environment in which students may learn and grow.
  • Classrooms are self-contained with a ratio of one teacher for approximately 15 students.
  • Parents are asked to work with and fully support the teacher towards their child’s social, emotional and academic needs.
  • Field trips, guests in the classroom and many hands-on experiences extend the curriculum.
  • Supervised play takes place in a safe, fenced playground with a designated area for pre-school students.
  • Before- and aftercare and bus transportation are available to RBS students for an additional fee.


Topical study in four levels on thinking God’s way—about God’s world, about myself, about God’s Word; growing God’s way—in obedience, kindness, thankfulness, giving, work and trust; knowing God’s way—Jesus is God, Jesus is our living Lord; living God’s way—prayer, love, thoughtfulness, courage, witness and contentment. Character traits emphasized in application stories correlated with Bible content; 22 catechism questions correlated with Bible content; 31 scripture verses memorized. Bob Jones, Publisher



Sound by direction, pitch, volume, tempo and rhyming words; initial /a/-/z/ (short vowels only), medial /i/ and /o/, and final /ks/. Bob Jones, Publisher


Prewriting skills; left-to-right, vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved-line tracking; correct pencil hold and paper placement; finger tracing and pencil tracking uppercase and lowercase PreCursive letters; a-z and numerals 0-12. Zaner Bloser, Publisher


Numbers and numerals 0-12, shape recognition, pattern sequencing, calendar, clock, coin and measurement vocabulary. Bob Jones, Publisher



School orientation, concepts of God’s plan for the child and his family; holidays, community helpers and patriotism. Bob Jones, Publisher



Traditional literature, realistic and fanciful prose and poetry; vocabulary development and enrichment; auditory memory; literal, interpretive, critical and appreciative picture interpretation and listening; dictation of experience charts, artwork labels, story endings and poem titles. Bob Jones, Publisher


Seasonal earth, plant and animal changes; family activities related to the seasons and the farm. Bob Jones, Publisher