Mission Statement

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) exists:

  • To support the administration, faculty, and staff of RBS.
  • To guide students in the development of a personal relationship with Christ and a Christ-like attitude.
  • To equip students to fulfill God’s total purpose in their lives personally, academically, socially, and vocationally.


  • To provide service to the administration, faculty and staff in a spirit of teamwork.
  • To enhance the quality of education at RBS.
  • To pray for, encourage, and support the administration, faculty, staff and students at RBS.
  • To give students and parents a positive experience throughout the school year.
  • To encourage parental support for the spiritual and academic education of our students.

PTF Officers

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PTF Committees

  • Prayer Committee: Prays collectively as a group for RBS students, staff, teachers, and families every 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:00.
Elementary School PTF Committees
  • Fundraising Committee: Plans and organizes fundraising programs and events to help fund the elementary school end of the year fun day.
  • Social Committee: Plans, organizes, and schedules social events for RBS parents to fellowship and get to know other school families better. 
  • Volunteer Committee: Identifies areas within the school where parents can get involved and connected. 
  • Parent Liaison Committee: Primary Communicator to classroom parents on behalf of the PTF.
Middle School PTF Committees
  • School Spirit Committee: Assist with the Crusader Cash Store, Pep Rallies, Field Fun Day and Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Parent Volunteer Committee: Parent Sponsors for middle school clubs and parent coaches for the various teams within the Patriot Group Program.
  • New Parent Mentor Committee: Support the transition from elementary to middle school and the transition of new families to the school.
High School PTF Committee
  • Ambassador Program Committee: Support the transition of new families and students to the school.