Thank you for your interest in Riverdale Baptist School! “Student for a Day” is a wonderful experience for all incoming students. It is not required for admissions, but is highly encouraged. Arrangements to visit the campus and signed permission slip are made through RBS’s admissions office.

Here are some guidelines to help you plan your visit:

Please fill out the below permission slip. Once the digitally signed document(s) are received, we will contact you to schedule the visit. Please be sure to indicate if your child has any relevant health concerns.

Drop off & Pick up: Students should check in at the front office at 8:30 am, and picked up at the front office at 2:30 pm. Students should not arrive before without prior approval.

Dress: Students are expected to dress appropriately. Students are asked to wear dress slacks and a button up shirt or polo. Young women have the option of wearing an appropriately fitting skirt or dress with stockings or tights, in addition to dress pants. All students must wear closed toe shoes (no hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants or t-shirts). Please note that there are some transitions throughout the day, so dress appropriately for outside weather.

Lunch: RBS provides lunch for all visiting students. Visitors also have the option of bringing their own lunch.

Appropriate behavior: At RBS our students follow the Student Code of Conduct. Students who choose to attend RBS are accepted with the understanding that they will abide by the established behavior guidelines and procedures. They are expected to maintain age-appropriate behavior for their own and others’ benefit. Because RBS desires to provide an educational climate that will foster the successful development of students, certain guidelines have been established to maintain classroom standards of behavior, classroom order and Godly conduct. Please be prepared to participate in class; bring a pencil or pen and a notebook. You may also want to bring a book in the event your student ambassador has an exam or study hall.

Please note: All students interested in participating or observing in any after school activities (i.e. athletic practices) must receive prior approval from both the Admissions and Athletics Departments.

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For More Information Please Contact the School.