To mold students in their role as citizen’s and foster a sense of purpose in citizenship. Students will begin to see that they can make things better for themselves and their peers, through clear communication, patience and compromise. It will give them a sense of purpose and meaningful control of their future.


  • Entering your second year at RBS
  • Not on probationary status
  • Have a “B” GPA average
  • Have three teacher endorsements
  • Have 10 student endorsements
  • Attend regular meetings, activities, and communities events.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chaplain

Service Learning

  • Nursing Home
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Donating Clothes
  • Canned Goods Collection
  • Toys

Election Dates

  • 6th Grade: September
  • 7th-8th Grade: May



The Riverdale Baptist High School Student Government Association seeks to develop the academic and social life of the students, to inspire loyalty to the mission and principles for which it stands, to ignite a passion for school spirit and to promote Christian faith and character throughout the school. The SGA is a representative form of government made up of officers – representatives from each class – elected at-large to serve their respective class. These officers seek to create class unity through team building, class activities, community service projects and leadership workshops. These members also have the opportunity to serve on faculty-student committees where they are able to learn more about the workings of a Christian school.

In summary, the SGA serves as the liaison between the students, faculty and administration of Riverdale Baptist High School. The SGA also serves the student body by providing character-building and service-oriented activities.

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The Riverdale Baptist High School Student Council is a student organization committed to making future Christian leaders through community and global service. The Council is comprised of a diverse group of students who are chosen to represent the high school student body. The organization believes in creating Christian leadership, philanthropy, student voice, civic learning, diplomacy and community building.

The Student Council is a student-run service organization that is an active chapter of the Student Government Association.


  • Promote harmonious relations between teachers and students
  • Provide opportunities for Christian leadership
  • Schedule and conduct school activities
  • Promote and develop good school citizens
  • Encourage school-community relationship

Positions on the Student Council are exclusive to seniors who have previously served at least two years in Student Government and are as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chaplain. Meeting weekly, Student Council members discuss and plan events and activities such as Homecoming, Spirit Week, peer tutoring, service learning projects, food drives, etc. The council is split into three different teams: Event Planning, Public Relations and Community Service.

Event Planning Team

  1. Creates and organizes new programs and events to enhance the school
  2. Plans and organizes school fundraising
  3. Helps to organize pep rallies and assemblies
  4. Takes charge of keeping old traditions and coming up with new traditions

The Public Relations Team

  1. Promotes good communication between the Student Council and students, teachers, school management and parents
  2. Keeps the whole school informed about the activities of the Student Council
  3. Helps supply information to the RBS Newsletter
  4. Makes sure photographs of Student Council activities accompany any reports or notices for the board

Community Service Team

  1. Seeks opportunities for students to help at a hospital, convalescent home, and church
  2. Works with non-profit community service organization
  3. Plans an event where parents and students contribute locally and abroad

The nomination and election process will follow the same procedure as that of the Student Government Association.