Bible—Each year the content varies so that throughout a student’s middle school years, he/she will acquire a basic understanding and knowledge of biblical principles, doctrine and application of Scripture to life.

English—This subject incorporates the study of grammar, literature and vocabulary. Composition and the parts of speech are emphasized so that the student can become proficient at written communication. Reading is emphasized in the form of book reports and classroom readings so that the student can become a seeker of knowledge on his/her own.

Science—This subject is designed to encourage the natural curiosity of the students in order to understand God’s orderly design of the natural world. Each year a survey course is presented of the various fields of science. Students are encouraged to ask questions, explore answers and find solutions. Hands-on projects are a large part of the learning process.

Social Studies—This subject is intended to give students a well-rounded background in American history (8th), world history (7th) and ancient history/geography (6th). The social studies program provides an introductory concept of our government as well.

Math 87—All 6th grade students are required to take this math course. The course covers the fundamentals of arithmetic operations, decimals, fractions and other integrated mathematical concepts.

General Math 7—This course is designed to reinforce the basic principles of math. It is for the student who needs to master basic math operations and concepts before moving on to pre-algebra. (This course is for 7th graders only.)

Pre-Algebra-This course prepares students to take Algebra I. It may be taken by qualifying 7th graders or as an 8th grade math. Students learn the concepts and applications of basic algebraic principles. Concepts and applications of general math are also strengthened. Prerequisite for 7th graders is a B average or better in math or teacher recommendation.

Algebra I—This course gives an introduction to real numbers, rational numbers, square roots and graphing. Problem solving is emphasized through linear equations, polynomials, equations and quadratic equations. Prerequisite is completion of Pre-Algebra with a minimum grade of C and teacher recommendation. This course is taken for high school credit.


Middle School electives are annual electives only. Students in 6th and 7th grades will select one elective and one alternate in case of scheduling problems. Students in 8th grade will choose two electives and one alternate in case of scheduling problems. (Be aware that physical education is not required for 8th graders but may be chosen as an elective.)

Art—This course involves learning the fundamentals and composition of art. The study of art history is introduced and integrated with the course. The curriculum for this course varies each year to accommodate the levels of student knowledge. Students do hands-on drawing, painting and sculpting. A $25 lab fee will be charged.

Beginner Band—This course is designed for students who are interested in learning how to play the wind or percussion instrument of their choice. Students will be taught the basic fundamentals of music. Students will perform at various programs including concerts and chapels.

Intermediate Band—This course is geared toward students who have participated in band for at least a year. This course serves to develop skills on an intermediate level. Students will perform at various programs including concerts and chapels. Prerequisite: The band director will interview and approve all participants.

Choir—This course is designed to teach students to sing well as a group and to develop vocal skills. Students will learn proper breathing techniques, intonation, rhythm and balance. The course will expose students to music as a medium of praise and adoration as well as cultural enrichment. Students will have the opportunity to perform in various competitions as well as several concerts. Concert attendance is mandatory.

Expanding Horizons—This is an exploratory course. There will be four separate  subjects taught through the year on a quarterly schedule. The subjects will vary according to grade level and teacher availability. Each subject will be approached on an introductory level with the hope that students will be intrigued enough to continue on their own after the course is finished. Possible subjects include newspaper, chess, drama, etc.




  • English (Springboard)
  • Math Course 1*
  • Integrated Science Course 1**
  • World Cultures & Geography
  • Bible
  • Gym
  • Elective

* Students who have maintained a “B” average in Math Course 1 and score no lower than an 85 on the post assessment are eligible for Pre-Algebra in 7th grade.

** Students who have been accepted into Pre-Algebra and have maintained a “B” average in Integrated Science are eligible for Honors Science in 7th grade.


  • English (Springboard)
  • Math Course 2 or Pre-Algebra*
  • Integrated Science Course 2 or Honors Integrated Science Course 2
  • World History
  • Bible
  • Elective
  • Elective

* Students who are in the Pre-Algebra course have the option of taking the Honors Integrated Science Course 2.


  • English (Springboard)
  • Math Course 3 or Algebra 1*
  • Integrated Science Course 3 or Honors Integrated Science Course 3**
  • US History
  • Bible
  • Elective
  • Elective

* Algebra 1 is considered a high school course and is weighted differently.

** Middle school honor classes are weighted heavier than the average class.