2016-17 Middle School Electives


Grade Level 

Weight (Grade) 



Art 6-8 A-F Year Long The foundational elements form and value are introduced and reinforced in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Several art mediums are used, and the basic techniques on handling and controlling the materials are shown and stressed.
Drama/Speech 6-8 P/F Semester The Middle School Drama/Speech class provides students with a variety of experiences in theater production, including set building, theater make-up, choreography, stage direction, blocking and terminology. Students will participate in dramatic exercises including improv and various speeches. Students will also participate in the middle school play.
Sign Language 8 A-F Year Long MS: American Sign Language (ASL) 1 is an intensive introduction to ASL emphasizing communicative based listening, speaking, reading, and writing in ASL. The emphasis is on the rudiments of the receptive and productive skills of American Sign Language (ASL) and awareness of Deaf culture, famous people who are Deaf, and hearing loss.
Physical Education 6-8 * A-F Year Long The Middle School sports and PE program will introduce students to a variety of sports and offer all students the chance to participate at a level that best meets their individual needs. Some students will participate competitively against other area schools.We will strive to develop good sportsmanship and an appreciation and understanding of the rules of a variety of games and activities. Healthy lifestyle choices will be stressed.
Choir 6-8 A-F Year Long Students in Choir will receive instruction and gain experience in choral singing. They will be required to memorize musical selections which will be performed at school concerts, the Fine Arts Festival, and several other concerts during the school day or after school hours. Part of the grade will be contingent on attendance and participation at all scheduled performances. Students will also study basic music theory concepts and be tested for understanding.
Journalism/Yearbook 6-8 P/F Semester The Middle School Journalism/ Yearbook class provides students the opportunity to develop and create a middle school newsletter for print and electronic copy. By working cooperatively, students will develop an appreciation of working together to achieve shared goals. Students will elect an editor in chief, department heads, and various jobs for the publication of a quarterly edition. Students will create, research, and schedule to ensure that their publication is credible, relevant, grammatically correct, and printed in a timely manner.
STEM/WeatherBug 6-8 P/F Semester This course is designed to introduce students to core concepts essential to science, technology, and engineering, the construction set, activity packs, and add-on sets illustrate fundamental principles of simple machines and mechanisms. Students will be using the BrickLab program to explore the various STEM topics.
Band 6-8 A-F  Year Long  In Band, instrumentalists apply the basic skills they have learned in the early years on their instrument to an ensemble environment. Techniques such as phrasing, intonation, interpretation, and critical listening are introduced and applied at an intermediate level. It is expected that students will continue with private music lessons so that technical facilities continue to mature in preparation for High School Band.
  * 6th Grade, Mandatory; 7th and 8th Grade, Optional