In the RBS elementary school, God’s word is the foundation of everything taught and where students are given the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ while building a strong academic foundation.

The formational years in a child’s education are essential to his or her academic future.  The goal at RBS is to help each child develop intellectually, socially and spiritually through a variety of teaching styles and methods.  A caring, dedicated team of certified teachers helps to build excitement and creativity as they train their students to develop strong work habits, positive character traits and important problem-solving skills. Using hands-on technological activities, field trips and a strong curriculum, students are challenged and involved in their learning.

In developing the whole child, students are given the opportunity to explore their creative talents through art, vocal and instrumental music classes. Students are not only taught necessary computer skills, but their learning is enhanced in every subject with the use of ActivBoards. Students are prayed for daily and shown by example what is taught to them in their Bible class.  Godly leaders and involved citizens are being developed step-by-step, layer-by-layer and year-by year.

Please browse this website for more information or to view each grade’s curriculum.

Mrs. Twyla Harbel
Elementary Principal



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