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Core Values

We believe in ...

01. Christ-Centeredness

Following how Christ Himself led, served, taught, loved and lived, we strive to base all we do on His Word.

02. Academic Excellence

Reflecting we are an academy of learning, it is our primary, but not exclusive, goal to prepare our students academically for college and beyond.

03. Whole Person

Recognizing all are gifted by God in unique ways, we believe in developing all forms of those spiritual, intellectual, artistic, and athletic gifts in each student to their fullest potential.

04. Servant Leadership

Believing in the power of servanthood, servant leadership will be taught, modeled and encouraged to all students, staff, and parents so that all are equipped for the situations in life when God calls them to lead.

05. Outreach & Service

Modeling Christ in all we do, we will provide opportunities daily (and through special events) for students, staff and parents to share Christ’s love through service and witness to others.

06. Stewardship

Acknowledging we are blessed in many ways, we as a school will model strong fiscal stewardship and will encourage, train and expect students, staff and parents to be wise and generous stewards over their time, talents and money.

07. Value of Each Person

Demonstrating biblical equality, we will embrace each individual as a distinct creation of God; ensure an emotionally, socially and physically safe and nurturing environment; and intentionally enroll a student body, faculty and staff that reflect the socioeconomic and racial make-up of the community in which we live.

08. Community

Acting intentionally, we will foster a vibrant, connected culture of caring, fellowship and respect among students, staff and parents.

09. Accountability

We will hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of integrity, excellence and to constant measurable improvement.

10. Joyful Spirit

Having an attitude of gratitude, we will live out God’s blessings in everyday smiles, laughter, and by celebrating demonstrated character and unique achievements. This results in a contagious joy that connects at the heart level.

Mission Statement

Riverdale Baptist School exists to provide students with the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to receive a Christ-centered, biblically-based education.

Vision Statement

The vision of Riverdale Baptist School is to develop students whose Christian faith, character and God-given gifts will impact and influence lives in their communities and around the globe. RBS is devoted to developing the whole person and instilling a life-long passion for learning, leading and serving.


Riverdale Baptist School (RBS) is a ministry of Riverdale Baptist Church. As a Christian educational institution, it will, therefore, reflect the philosophy, values and believers’ lifestyle of Riverdale Baptist Church. The administration, faculty and staff are born-again, Bible-believing Christians and active church members.

It is the philosophy of RBS that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God. All of the school’s programs, both curricular and extracurricular, are based on the principles set forth in God’s Word, and the Bible is the foundation of its philosophy of Christian education.

The purpose of an RBS education is threefold: to teach students how they can know God; once they know God, to teach them to follow God’s principles as found in His Word; and finally, to train them to serve and glorify God through their lives. The above purposes can be fulfilled only after a person becomes born again. Students who profess to be believers in Christ will gain most from RBS’s Christian philosophy and environment. The primary purpose of RBS, however, is to assist parents in guiding their children into the knowledge and achievement of God’s will for their lives

It is the school’s desire to have a balanced educational program where excellence will permeate the spiritual, academic, physical, and social aspects of our learning atmosphere. It is also the school’s wish to help in the reinforcement of the Christian home. When the philosophy, values, and lifestyle of a Christian home complement the school, the student will benefit most from this relationship. RBS does not attempt to replace the Christian home but tries to strengthen it. RBS recognizes a Christian home as one having at least one parent who is born again.

The curriculum chosen by RBS is determined by its philosophy. It is selected to impart the knowledge of God’s truth, to teach God’s values of right and wrong, and is intended to lead students to the development of Christian character. It also guides students to a realization of God’s will for their lives and equips them to perform His will.

Parents who desire this type of a Christian educational environment and atmosphere for their child(ren), and who are willing to have open and supportive communication between the home and school, are welcome to apply to enroll their child(ren) at Riverdale Baptist School.