Summer School
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Summer School

Welcome to Riverdale Baptist Summer School. It is our desire that this program will help your child meet or exceed their academic need(s) and the standards called for by the regular school year curriculum*. We hope this information will answer any questions you may have about our program.

* Please note that all courses offered are for credit recovery ONLY.


Please note that Summer School is for RBS Students ONLY!

The entire program for high school will be offered from June 17 through July 25, 2024. All classes will be held on campus. Students can enroll for individual semesters or the entire six-week course. Instruction will be held from 9 am – 12 noon, Monday – Thursday.

  • 1st Semester: June 17 – July 5 (1/2 credit)*
  • 2nd Semester: July 8 – July 25 (1/2 credit)**
  • Full Course: June 17 – July 25 (full credit)* **

*  Please note that Summer School will be closed on June 19th in observance of Juneteenth. Due to this, Summer School will be in session on Friday, June 21st.
** Please note that Summer School will be closed on July 4th in observance of Independence Day. Due to this, Summer School will be in session on Friday, July 5th. 

Course Fees

High School Full Credit: $600

High School Half Credit: $300

Book Replacement Fee: Ranges from $25 to $50, only applicable to lost textbooks.



Middle School

  • All courses are through Educere.

High School

  • Math – all subjects
  • English – all grades
  • Bible – all grades
  • Science – all subjects
  • Social Studies – all grades
  • Foundations of Technology

Students may take any of the courses for either 1/2 credit or full credit. Please note that course offering is subject to enrollment and may change.

Contact Info

Please direct any additional inquiries to Ms. Crystal Johnson, the summer school coordinator.

Ms. Crystal Johnson,


Students must achieve a grade of 68% or higher in order to receive credit for the course.

Dress Code

Students may dress according to their RBS dress down policy listed in their school’s handbook. Shorts are not allowed.

Who Needs to Attend?

  • If a High School student fails a semester (two quarters) in a subject(s), they need to attend one session of summer school.
  • If a Middle School student fails a course for the year, they must attend both sessions of summer school (Bible ONLY) and/or complete the online course through Educere in order to advance to next grade level.


The daily virtual class period for middle and high school students will begin at 9 am and end at 12 noon, Monday through Thursday. We encourage students to login 5 to 10 minutes before class starts so they can prepare for their day.

Due to the importance of all classroom instruction time, tardiness and absences are frowned upon. Credit will be deducted or removed for any student who has been absent for more than 2 days of class. Three late arrivals will be the equivalent of one absence. Please commit yourselves to arriving early and being focused on the day.


Covering an entire school year's coursework within a six week period will require the student to complete a great deal of work at home. Two to three hours of work from any class should be expected each day. It is impossible to cover the required information without the assignment and completion of the homework study time.


RBS will supply textbooks as part of the course fee. As long as the book is returned in the same condition in which it was loaned, there will be no additional fee. Lost or damaged books will be assessed a replacement fee ranging from $25 to $50, depending on the text damaged. Books must be returned before the student’s final grade will be issued.

Student Conduct

The regular rules of RBS will be in effect during the summer as well.

  1. Students must ask for permission to get out of his/her seat.
  2. Students are expected to use proper language at all times.
  3. Students are expected to be logged in on time.
  4. If it is not needed in class, don’t bring it (ie: no audio players, game devices, phones, etc.)
  5. Illicit substances of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  6. Students may bring or purchase a snack for the class break; however, food is not to be consumed in the classroom.
  7. Students are not to be anywhere on campus except the classroom, RBS Café, and restroom facilities. Wandering campus before, during, or after class can result in dismissal from summer school.
  8. Students are required to exit the campus at the conclusion of the class day.
  9. Any other regular RBS rules not specifically mentioned are still in effect during summer school.

Failure to follow the rules could result in dismissal from summer school and could jeopardize the student’s ability to advance to the next school year.