What is POUR?

Promoting Opportunities to Uplift and Refocus

A Service Learning Directory


POUR Service Learning Directory is a community-driven resource to provide Riverdale High School scholars with safe, local options to acquire service learning hours.


“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Serving others helps to develop new skills as well as a personal work ethic, fosters a sense of social responsibility, and creates opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ. Riverdale Baptist School believes all scholars should engage in service learning and requires at least one hundred (100) hours of those experiences during high school matriculation in order to graduate.

Although our scholars will be the one engaging the community, you can help guide them to life-changing opportunities through work you may already be doing at your workplace or ministry. To that end, I invite you to “P. O. U. R.” into our students: Promote Opportunities to Uplift and Refocus them on what really matters.

Each high school class is responsible for serving in a specific area:

  • Freshmen: Children
  • Sophomores: Elderly/Intellectually-challenged
  • Juniors: Impoverished
  • Seniors: Marginalized/Groups dealing with inequality

If you or your ministry provide services to these populations, we invite you to share these opportunities in this resource.


There are several benefits to service learning providers that are worth mentioning:

  • Free promotion via your POUR Directory listing
  • Opportunities for godly and professional mentorship
  • Impacting the future by investing in youth goals
  • Volunteers to sustain your community efforts

Student Impact

Students, too, will be blessed by having access to a variety of opportunities to serve:

  • Service learning hours will be satisfied as a requirement for graduation
  • Exposure to career and internship options to consider
  • Promotes empathy for under served populations
  • Encourages reflection and gratitude
  • Develops a positive, productive work ethic

…and so many more intangibles that God will use to shape their lives.

Criteria and Process

Becoming a part of this resource requires the following:

  • Application
  • Virtual Interview
  • Designated Site Contact Person
  • Proposed days and hours scholars can volunteer
  • Email confirmation of participation
  • Publish/Update Directory

Partnership Agreement

  1. There is to be mutual respect between all parties involved.
  2. No exposure to inappropriate behavior, touching, media, conversation, or unethical/unlawful requests will be tolerated.
  3. Normal safety protocols and policies apply to all Riverdale scholars.
  4. Accurate Site Contact Person reporting of hours served is expected for scholar accountability.
  5. There is to be no monetary or material compensation for work.
  6. Parents/Guardians are allowed to check-in with Site Contact Person at will.
  7. Scholar evaluation calls are welcome.
  8. Unproductive students can be respectfully dismissed with justification.

Disclaimer Statement

  • Neither Riverdale Baptist School nor Church are responsible for any injury, loss, or damage in any respect to either party or their property as a result of the service learning opportunities in this directory.
  • No business or individual is financially or materially compensated for providing opportunities to Riverdale Baptist scholars. All scholars and service learning providers are volunteers in the truest since of the word.
  • Agreements on hours to serve are established between the business/organization and Riverdale Baptist scholars and their parents/guardians. This directory is not a binding contract or guarantee of any sort.


Please fill out the below form to apply for a listing in the RBS POUR Service Learning Directory. Once approved, your listing will appear on RBSchool.org under Academics > Guidance > Service Learning Directory. To make changes to an approved listing, please email the changes and your listing number to pourdirectory[at]rbschool.org.

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