Weather Policy

RBS follows the same winter weather school closing or cancellation policy as the Prince George’s County Public Schools. Please note that it is the parents’ responsibility to be aware of approaching winter weather conditions through the news media. The Prince George’s County Public School system issues closings through these radio stations: WMAL-AM, WTOP-AM/FM/Alexa, and WFSI (107.9 FM). If the Prince George’s County Public Schools issue a closing, late arrival, or early dismissal, Riverdale will follow that decision by sending a onecall, text alert, and email. When the school day ends early due to inclement weather, students must be picked up within one hour of the early dismissal time.

Parents need to be aware of approaching winter storms and listen for reports on Prince George’s County Public Schools. RBS follows their recommendations concerning winter weather delays and closings.

Note: RBS is air conditioned; should Prince Georges County Schools close due to the heat, Riverdale Baptist School will remain open.

If a 1-hour or a 2-hour school delay is announced for Prince George’s County Schools due to inclement weather, all the programs and services provided by RBS, including PreCare, will also start with the determined delay of 1-hour or 2-hours from the normal schedule.