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Parent/Teacher Conferences

How to Book a Parent/Teacher Conference

1. Open the Bookings Page

Click the blue ``Book Conference`` button to the right to open the RBS booking page on the school's Microsoft Cloud.

2. Select the Date

Select November 11th from the date select BEFORE you select a Staff Member

3. Select a Staff Member

Select a Staff Member from the drop down. If the staff member's name says Not Available in red, they are already fully booked. If it says available, select any open time slot from the list next to the date selector.

4. Fill Out Your Info

Fill in all the fields under Add Your Details and Provide Additional Information, then click the Book Button.

5. Confirm Your Appointment

Once you receive the email confirmation, please click on Accept in the invitation to confirm your appointment with the teacher. This will add it to your personal calendar and set a reminder for both you and your selected staff member.


Parent/Teacher Conferences are available in 15 minute blocks at a time. Booking is available up to 24 hours before the conference day. If a teacher has no time slots listed, they are fully booked. If you need to cancel a booking, please email support(at) or send a help ticket in. Please do not book multiple blocks with the same teacher for the same student.