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Here at RBS, we believe in preparing our students to excel in the modern learning environment. Utilizing current technology inside and outside the classroom, RBS sets the stage for the future success of our students as they take their place at the forefront of the academic world and beyond. Enhancing learning through technology allows the faculty and staff of RBS to teach our students critical thinking skills, advanced problem-solving, digital literacy, digital citizenship, to think outside the box, and how to collaborate in an ever-evolving online landscape.

RBS features Apple technology in the classroom with devices issued 1-to-1 starting in first grade.  Starting in 4th grade, students have full access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite and maintain their digital storage space throughout their academic career at RBS. Middle and high school students take their school-issued devices home each night and are responsible for basic device maintenance and charging. RBS maintains a state-of-the-art network on our campus complete with full classroom and facility WiFi coverage and industry-leading content and safety filters.

Info Services Staff

John Hathcock

Director of Technology


Voice Mail: x170

Office(s): Administrative Offices

Years at RBS: 12

Awards: Apple Teacher with Swift Playgrounds Recognition, Meta Certified Community Manager, JAMF Certified Associate

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Scripture: Exodus 14:14

Kevin Schneider

Help Desk Technician


Voice Mail: 180

Office(s): Technology Center

Years at RBS: 2


Favorite Color:

Favorite Scripture: