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Required Courses

Bible: Each year the content varies so that throughout a student’s middle school years, he/she will acquire a basic understanding and knowledge of biblical principles, doctrine, and application of Scripture to life.

English: This subject incorporates the study of grammar, literature, and vocabulary. Composition and the parts of speech are emphasized so that the student can become proficient at written communication. Reading is emphasized in the form of book reports and classroom readings so that the student can become a seeker of knowledge on his/her own.

Science: This subject is designed to encourage the natural curiosity of the students in order to understand God’s orderly design of the natural world. Each year a survey course is presented of the various fields of science. Students are encouraged to ask questions, explore answers, and find solutions. Hands-on projects are a large part of the learning process.

Social Studies: This subject is intended to give students a well-rounded background in American History (8th), World History (7th), and Geography (6th). The social studies program provides an introductory concept of our government as well.

General Math 6: All 6th-grade students are required to take this math course. The course covers the fundamentals of arithmetic operations, decimals, fractions, and other integrated mathematical concepts.

General Math 7: This course is designed to reinforce the basic principles of math. It is for the student who needs to master basic math operations and concepts before moving on to pre-algebra.

Pre-Algebra: This course prepares students to take Algebra I. It may be taken by qualifying 7th graders or as 8th-grade math. Students learn the concepts and applications of basic algebraic principles. Concepts and applications of general math are also strengthened. The prerequisite for 7th graders is 89% or better in math.

Algebra I: This course gives an introduction to real numbers, rational numbers, square roots, and graphing. Problem-solving is emphasized through linear equations, polynomials, equations, and quadratic equations. Prerequisite is the completion of Pre-Algebra with a minimum grade of 89%. This course is taken for high school credit.

Elective Courses

Middle School electives are annual electives only. All students will select 3 electives and 5 alternates in the event of scheduling conflicts for a total of 8 selections, ranking from 1 to 8. Select N/A for all remaining electives.

American Sign Language Ministry (6th – 8th): This class will introduce students to basic American Sign Language for the purpose of ministering in song, poetry, and scripture to enhance worship experiences during chapel and various events.

Art 1 (6th – 8th): This course is designed to show students an appreciation for God and His design. Students will be introduced to a variety of Art fundamentals focusing on drawing and painting. They will be introduced to a variety of mediums while studying the uses of color as well as black and white. The curriculum for this course varies each year to accommodate different degrees of student ability.

Art 2 (7th – 8th): This course is an advanced Art study for students who want to continue to grow as artists. Students will focus on creating show projects that challenge their current abilities. Many mediums will be repeated in order for students to work toward mastery. Art History is added to the curriculum so that students have an opportunity to study great artists and learn from their Art. (Prerequisite Art 1)

Art 3 (8th ONLY): This course will provide students with an opportunity to build on skills learned in Art 1 and 2. Students will be working on specialization within their skill set. Projects will be designed to build mastery in technique, composition/design, experimentation, and creative thinking. Students will be expected to work on projects independently from others and develop their own unique styles. (Prerequisite Art 2)

Band & Orchestra (6th – 8th): This course is designed for students that are interested in learning how to play a woodwind, brass, percussion, or a string instrument of their choice. Students will be taught the basic fundamentals of music. Students will perform at various programs including concerts and chapels. Students are required to participate in all events. (Additional fees will be charged for competitions/attire during the school year.)

Choir (6th – 8th): This course is designed to teach students to sing well as a group and to develop their vocal skills. Students will learn proper breathing techniques, intonation, rhythm, and balance. The course will expose students to music as a medium of praise and adoration as well as cultural enrichment. Students may have the opportunity to perform in various competitions as well as several concerts. Concert attendance is mandatory. (Additional fees will be charged for competitions/attire during the school year.)

Foundations of Technology (8th ONLY): Within this course, students will learn Microsoft Office ( as well as develop proper keyboarding technique. They will also be introduced to the foundational concepts of computer science and coding, challenging them to explore how computing and technology impact the world. (High School Credit Course)

French 1 (8th ONLY): This course is structured to provide students with the opportunity to learn vocabulary, basic grammar, and cultural aspects of different countries where French is the primary language.  Students will be reading, speaking, and writing in French. (High School Credit Course)

Introduction to Coding (6th or 7th): This course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as problem-solving, programming, physical computing, user-centered design, and data, while inspiring students as they build their own websites, apps, games, and physical computing devices. This course may only be taken once.

Introduction to Spanish/French (6th or 7th): This is an introductory course designed to take a creative approach with a variety of activities and projects learning the French and Spanish languages and exploring the different traditions and cultures around the world where French and Spanish are the primary languages. This course may only be taken once.

Physical Education (6th – 8th): This course emphasizes fitness, coordination, and sportsmanship through students’ participation in team and individual sports. The program varies from year to year. Health issues will be discussed on a regular basis in the classroom as well.

Spanish 1 (8th ONLY): This course is structured to provide students with the opportunity to learn vocabulary, basic grammar skills, and cultural aspects of different countries in Latin America and in Spain. Students will be listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. A student must have a C- (70%) average over two semesters to move to Spanish 2. (High School Credit Course)

STEM (6th – 8th): This course is designed to introduce students to core concepts essential to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in which construction sets, activity packs and add-on sets illustrate fundamental principles of simple machines and mechanisms.

Course Schedules by Grade

6th Grade

  • English
  • General Math 6
  • Integrated Science Course 1
  • World Cultures & Geography
  • Bible
  • Electives (3)

Students who have attained a final average of 89% or better in General Math 6 are eligible for Pre-Algebra in 7th grade.

7th Grade

  • English
  • General Math 7 or Pre-Algebra
  • Integrated Science Course 2
  • World History
  • Bible
  • Electives (3)

Students who attained a final average of 89% or better in Pre-Algebra are eligible for Algebra 1.

8th Grade

  • English
  • Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1
  • Integrated Science Course 3
  • US History
  • Bible
  • Electives (3)

Algebra 1 is considered a high school course and is weighted differently.

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