Faith is the foundation of Riverdale Baptist School. It guides us as we educate the next generation and gives us hope for future. RBS integrates our Christian faith into all activities of the school day.

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RBS Café

Located in the B-Wing, The RBS Café serves as a hub of activity for the middle and high school.  It functions as lunchroom, meeting place and practice room, among many other functions.

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Student Government

RBS Middle and High Schools feature student governments with the purpose of molding students in their role as citizen’s and foster a sense of citizenship.

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Student Societies

RBS Middle and High School participate in three societies: Nation Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society and the National Spanish Honor Society.

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Summer Resources

Summer school info, summer reading lists, summer math program, and school supply lists.

Summer School Info

Summer Resources



RBS’s Parent Teacher Fellowship

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Ways to Contribute

Thank you for considering how you can begin to contribute to the mission of Riverdale Baptist School through giving.  Your gift will not only benefit God’s work through RBS, but it could also result in positive implications for you.

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Child Care

RBS provides pre-care and after-care services Monday through Friday during the school year and a summer camp between school years.

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Health Room

The RBS nurse works cooperatively with parents to improve the health and education of all students by having healthy kids in class ready to learn and by getting sick kids the help they need.

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Visual Performing Arts

RBS Visual Performing Arts Department

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RBS offers Apple Macintosh technology centers and a 1:1 iPad program for middle and high school with iPads available in every elementary classroom starting in the 2018-19 school year.

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RBS partners with The Student Shuttle services for transportation.

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