Each student (grades 3 through 12) and all teaching faculty member utilize the Apple iPad at RBS, a device that enhances our students' learning and overall educational experience and prepares them for college and beyond.
Some of the core objectives of this program are to:

  • replace textbooks and other printed materials
  • provide a vehicle for virtual field trips
  • provide an organized note-taking platform
  • provide an online research tool
  • provide a platform to facilitate individual and group work
  • provide access to a learning management system for managing homework, class assignments, quizzes and tests
  • provide a platform for video or audio copies of lectures
  • provide a platform to access library and academic resources in order to build digital literacy skills in students

Riverdale Baptist remains committed to providing its students with the best education possible, equipping them with the knowledge and tools they will need both now and in the future. Not only is the iPad a formidable tool in advancing learning, but it also makes the classroom experience more dynamic and engaging for the students.

Computer Labs

Computer LabRiverdale offers computer labs in elementary and high school. Each lab is equipped with 20+ workstations running Windows 7.  Students have access to tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office 365.  Each student has their own account and email address to send homework and projects to their teachers digitally.  Students also have cloud storage available through both Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive.

Labs are for official class use only.  Please see the Media Center tab for student-use computers.

Media Center

Social Media Shows World Wide Web And Facebook

The Media Center is the next generation of the RBS library.  Home to our collection of print materials, the media center also features technology resources for classroom use as well as workstations available to the students during down time (study hall, lunch, etc).