• Define sentence types
  • Define sentence structure for simple and run-on sentences
  • Define sentence parts: subjects and predicates
  • Natural word order in sentences
  • Define nouns: singular and plural, common and proper, and possessive
  • Define verbs and irregular verbs
  • Verb tenses: present and past
  • Verb contractions and using verbs correctly
  • Define common, adjectives and articles
  • Comparison with adjectives
  • Using adjectives correctly
  • Define adverbs of place, time, and manner
  • Define subject, object, and possessive pronouns
  • Using pronouns correctly
  • Define coordinating conjunctions and using them correctly
  • Capitalization and punctuation

Shurley Instructional Materials, Publisher

Grades: 03

Level: Standard

Subject: English


Therese Russell, MACCD