Art Studio

This is a rigorous high-level art course offered to highly motivated Seniors who have taken Art 1, 2, and 3 (Honors). Coursework is designed to build mastery in technique, composition/design, research, experimentation, and creative problem-solving. Critical thinking, objective analysis of artwork, and the ability to communicate in the language of art will be developed and used throughout the course. Students must be willing to devote several hours per week of outside time to art production, research, and self-improvement. Studies of historical artists and styles will also be required. The Studio “exam portfolio” will consist of 24 pieces to be completed and submitted for show and display in May. The AP portfolio includes three different sections for submission: quality (5 actual works that demonstrate mastery of drawing in concept, composition, and execution), concentration (12 digital images; some may be details works describing an in-depth exploration of a particular drawing concern) and breadth (12 digital images; 1 image each of 12 different works). A variety of works that demonstrate an understanding of the principles of drawing issues. These need to be finished and submitted in digital format to the College Board in May. Students will declare their choice of portfolio early in the year: 2-D, drawing, or painting work done in and out of the classroom toward fulfilling the requirements.

There is a College Board fee for the MANDATORY AP exam. By selecting an Advanced Placement course, scholars are required to take the national AP exam for that course which is administered in May.  The cost of each AP exam is $98.00.